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GODWIN (William). Lives of the necromancers, London 1834


GODWIN (William). Lives of the necromancers, or an account of the most eminent persons in successive ages who have claimed for themselves or to whom has been imputed by others the exercise of magical power. London, Frederick J. Mason, 1834, in 8°, de XX-466pp., demi-veau blond époque, dos lisse, p. de titre papier, coiffe inf. et coins usés. Exemplaire de cabinet de lecture avec étiquette imprimée au dos et au 1er plat : "British and Foreign Library, 27 old Bond street, Ebers bookseller & stationner of His Majesty"

1 000 €

Rare first edition of the final book written by the political philosopher and novelist William Godwin, the father of Mary Shelley. It concerns paranormal legends from western and Middle Eastern history.The book begins with an introduction that explains the ways in which superstitions and other mythical beliefs could have originated during the Middle Ages, before the scientific revolution.... It gives examples of necromancy and witchcraft, divination, chiromancy, interpretations of dreams, fairies, Rosicrucianism, and oracles. It discusses Simon Magus, Nero, and Elymas the sorcerer, amongst others .... and covers the persecution of suspected witches.... also Dr Faustus, Cornelius Agrippa ,John Dee and Nostradamus. ¶ Wellcome III p. 130. - Caillet 4627 (édit. de 1876 seulement).