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LAW (William). An illustration of the deep principles of Jacob Behmen, 1780


Les fameuses planches à figures mobiles de D.A. Freher

LAW (William). An illustration of the deep principles of Jacob Behmen, the Teutonic Theosopher, in figures [by D.A. Freher] left by Reverend William Law... London, (v. 1780), in 4°, de 1f. de titre puis chiffré de 25 à 37pp., illustré de 3 belles planches à figures mobiles superposées et et 4 planches se dépliant en partie superposées, cart. souple papier marbré XIXe, dos renforcé de papier toilé marron, notes au crayon en marge et à la plume en tête de la main de Charles Musès, exemplaire truffé d'un manuscrit 18e de 5ff. d'une grosse écriture baveuse, intitulé "Taking out of the gentleman magazine for April 1762 : XXII Principles of Electricity and J. Behmen's Philosophy the same. (... and Mr. Law's Philosophy)". Précieux exemplaire provenant de la collection Charles E. Musès éditeur de "The Jacob Boehme Society Quaterly" et auteur de "Illumination on Jacob Boehme, the work of D.A. Freher" (1951)

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 Rare et célèbre addendum iconographique à l'édition publiée en anglais par the Rev. William Law entre 1764 et 1781 des oeuvres de jacob Boehme. Le commentaire est de W. Law et les figures mobiles ("pop-up" plates) sont de D.A. Freher (1649-1728) un disciple moins connu de J. Boehme. ¶ cf. Adam McLean reprint (forword) "This work is well known through the three astounding complex engravings with opening sections which appeared in the William Law edition of the works of Boehme. As you lift up sections of the engraving more interior spaces are revealed. The three Tables illustrate, in essence, the process of the spiritual evolution of mankind. The first Table presents us with the process of the involution of the human soul into matter, its descent from the heights of the cosmic periphery into the deepest point of dense materiality where the human soul can still touch on the divine spirit. The second Table shows in a pictorial way the present state of the human soul, struggling while immersed in the material world to keep a vision of the spirit, suspended between the worlds of spirit and matter, the inner and the outer. The third Table attempts to illustrate the process of regeneration, or spiritual evolution, through which the human soul can become respiritualised. Although this process is taken directly from Jacob Boehme, this doctrine of spiritual evolution is found in many mystery religions, and indeed resonates with our present day conception of humankind's relationship to the spiritual." - cf. Ch. E. Musès "Illumination on Jacob Boehme, the work of D.A. Freher" (1951) p.151-152 “Both Boehme’s and Freher’s outstanding message philosophically is that philosophy is not a dodge, game, or only some kind of artistic exercise, but a solid enterprise of most productive value – able to yield concrete results of a most extended nature in terms of deep changes in attitude and understanding, leading to actions toward and realization of the intrinsic nobility possible to and desired by mankind.” - cf. S. Hutin les disciples anglais de Jacob Boehme (1960) p.125 et sq. (chapitre V. Freher.)